7 Actionable Cricket Betting Strategies

Cricket betting is getting more popular day by day. Moreover, cricket is already one of the most popular sports all over the world. A large number of people enjoy cricket. But in the last few years, there is a rise in online cricket betting. However, everyone wants to make a huge amount of money. But to make money you need to follow betting strategies that will work in your favor.

  1. Flat Betting

If you are a beginner and finding out ways to win cricket bets then flat betting is the best option. However, this is the best for those who are still testing the water. Moreover, the principle behind this bet is that no matter how many wagers you put every stake is worth the same amount. If you do not want to take high risk then it is best to go with small flat bets. Furthermore, flat cricket betting is an ideal betting strategy to not erode your bankroll completely. 

  1. Dogon Strategy

This strategy is completely mathematical and is very popular among newbies. The principle that works behind this is playing catch up. Where you have to double the stakes to coup with the losses incurred in the last bets. Moreover, you can continue with this strategy until you will recover the amount that you have lost. Furthermore, keep in mind this strategy is not helpful in the long run. However, if you use this recklessly then you might go bankrupt. 

  1. Percentage of Bank Betting

If you are inexperienced in cricket betting then here is another one of the best cricket betting strategies that you can use. However, this betting strategy is also like flat betting which minimizes risk and loss. Moreover, the most common betting slabs in this betting strategy are conservative which is 1- 2% of bankroll, moderate which is 3-5%, aggressive which is 6 – 10%, and chaotic which is = or > 10% of the bankroll. However, the sweet spot in these slabs is moderate. 

  1. Danish Betting system

This is one of the simplest and most progressive strategies that you can use in cricket betting. However, in this strategy, you can increase the stake by one unit and the odds by at least 0.5. Let’s suppose you have placed an INR 100 bet on the odds of 1.50. If you lose then the next bet will be INR 200 on the odds of 2.0. However, if you lose again then the number goes on. Moreover, this strategy is risky if you are on a losing streak. 

For you, it may seem like a Dogon strategy but there is a minute difference. In Dogon strategy, the odds remain the same but in this, the odds are also increasing.

  1. Ladder

Here are another one of the straightforward and mathematical cricket betting strategies. In this betting strategy the amount you win on a bet you have to stake on the next bet. However, it is the best strategy for pro punters. Even if you are a beginner then you can also use it. But only at that time when all things are working in your favor. Furthermore, this cricket betting strategy will help you to specify the number of bets in a cycle. 

  1. Kelly Criterion Betting Strategy

The main objective of this cricket betting strategy is to make a balance between risk and reward. Moreover, it will help you to maximize your return and also minimize the degree of volatility. 

However, this strategy will help you to find the optimum amount that you can stake on any bet without risking your bankroll. 

  1. Oscar’s Grind 

In Oscar’s Grind betting strategy you can only increase your stake when you win the bet. However, in the Dogon system, you have to increase the stake after every loss. 

Moreover, this cricket betting strategy classifies sports betting into sittings and units. However, every sitting starts with a unit bet and ends when you earn a unit profit.

Wrapping Up 

Cricket betting is not an easy task. To earn money you have different strategies according to the conditions of the games. Although you have been watching cricket for years and you have all the knowledge about it, betting has different rules. There is no connection between watching cricket and winning money in cricket betting. You need to analyze so many factors while placing a bet. However, we have mentioned the best cricket betting strategies that you can use and earn a huge amount of money.

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