Bets On Sports Exchange In Cricket Betting

The most flexible bets available these days are betting exchanges in cricket betting. Are you also wondering how to place bets on sports exchange in cricket betting? If yes, our post is the only thing you need to read today! 

Betting exchanges are becoming more and more popular with time. For the reason they offer such favorable odds and pay huge payouts, the craze is obvious. 

In this article, we will learn what betting exchanges are and how you can place bets on sports exchanges! 

The Concept Of Betting Exchanges

Betting exchange is a new concept to the online betting world. In betting exchanges, the bookie is eliminated and you can play directly with other players. 

You’re free to exchange bets with them. Unlike the traditional sportsbooks, betting exchanges don’t get anything after your loss. Their commission comes solely from providing a platform to the players and facilitating bets to you. 

There are three reason why betting exchanges is being so beloved:

  • At betting exchanges, you get better odds. The odds here are set by the market itself. If the majority feels RCB will win, the odds will be determined through this way. 
  • Higher Returns. The better the odds, the higher the profits. 
  • More fun and entertainment. The experience of betting against real players is unmatchable. 

Use A Betting Exchanges In 3 Easy Steps

Placing the all-new and exciting exchanges bets is very easy. Below we try to explain the process in the easiest possible way.

  1. Pick A Good Betting Exchange

To place bets on sports exchanges, the first thing you need is a great betting exchange. Join a reliable and trustworthy betting exchange for a seamless experience. 

When you’re done with your decision, the next step is to sign-up. For that, you need to create an active account under your name. 

Just enter the required information and keep moving forward. Also, make sure to enter the correct information as the site will reconfirm it later. 

  1. Deposit Money

The second step is to deposit some funds before you play. Depositing money on betting exchanges is very easy these days. You can deposit using any Indian payment method. 

Methods such as UPI, online bank transfers, Paytm, Gpay, etc are available. 

  1. Claim Welcome Bonuses 

The safest way to increase your stakes and win more money is by claiming bonuses. Most of the good betting exchanges offer some kind of welcome bonus to starters. 

It’s a great way to improve your winnings chances and increase your payouts.

How To Place Bet On Sports Exchange?-Get Started In A Few Steps 

If you’re a newbie and wondering how to place bets on sports exchanges, our guide will get you all covered. 

Below is a comprehensive guide to what the different terms mean and how to place bets on sports exchange. 

The Concept Of Exchange Betting 

In exchange betting, you get two options to make a bet; Back and Lay. 

If you feel that a certain outcome will happen, you just have to Back a bet. 

If you’re confident that a certain outcome will not occur, simply Lay a bet. 

As simple as that! 

This feature of betting on both the occurrence and nonoccurrence of any outcome is absent in simple sportsbooks. That’s what makes betting exchanges more entertaining and rewarding.

Arbitrage Betting-Bet On Both The Outcomes 

Another fabulous plus point of exchange betting is the option you get to bet on both the outcomes. It’s called Arbitrage betting.  

For a clear understanding, let’s take help from an example. During the time of IPL, you can place your stakes on both the likelihood and non likelihood for the same event. 

Your bet can somewhat look like this; RCB may win and RCB may not win. This way you’re placing your wager on RCB saying that it may win or not win. 

This exclusive feature of arbitrage betting is solely available on betting exchanges. You won’t find it on a normal sportsbook. 

It can also be referred to as a surebet. Implying, you’re sure to gain some profit. Your earnings opportunities become very high in this form of bet. 

However, it’s important to understand that becoming better at arbitrage betting is a matter of time and experience. As you gain some experience, you’ll become better at placing rewarding arbitrage bets. 


We have tried to break the concept of betting exchanges and how to place bets on sports exchange in cricket simpler for you. You’re all set with the information now. Choose a good and reliable betting exchange and win high payouts starting from today!

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