CashBack Bonus

CashBack Bonus

What was the last time when you heard the word “cashback” and ran after that to get it? Well, if this word plays a love ringtone in your mind, then claiming a cashback bonus is all you’re left for.

For gamblers who want more from gambling sites, online bonuses come to the rescue. One such amazing bonus that punters love is the cashback bonus.

What Is A Cashback Bonus?

A cashback bonus is an incentive that gambling sites offer to the players as a reward or gift for staying with them. Cashback offers are of different types. Some sites offer exclusive cashback offers, while some provide weekly cashbacks, etc.

Cashback offers are great for players who want to place different sizes of bets along with getting some part of their investment back in their pockets. If you want to cut out the losses that might occur while betting, cashback offers are for you!

It’s a great opportunity for punters to get at least a certain percentage of their stake back despite the loss. For instance, if a site is offering a 15% cashback offer or bonus, even if you lose your stake in the future, you’ll get at least 15% of your bet amount. What more do you need?

How Does A Cashback Bonus Work? 

Cashback bonuses are the most sought-after promotions among gamblers. It’s one of the most popular ways to get regular cash prizes.

Losses and betting goes hand-in-hand. It’s a natural activity to face some losses while betting. However, a cashback bonus is a great aid to this unfortunate happening. A cashback bonus can help you get back a certain percentage of your stake.

Getting at least a little percentage even 10-20% gives peace of mind to punters. This way you can get back some amount from your loss if you face any in the near future and invest this saved amount to place more bets.

Gamblers must be aware of the fact that the money they get through cashback bonus doesn’t come in the form of real money that can be drawn out. The bonus money gets transferred to you in your betting account in the form of bonus money.

This money can only be used to place more bets in the future and increase your stake size. If you want to save a little amount by cutting out on your stake values, getting cash back bonuses would be a great deal for you!

What’s more, cashback bonuses come with an attached minimum and maximum limit. Gamblers who want to leverage the feature of cashback bonus must qualify both the minimum and maximum limits in order to claim the bonus.

You have to place a stake of a value ranging in the required limit. Same as that, the maximum limit tells you about the highest amount you can earn using the bonus.

Best Sites Offering Cash Back Bonuses

Looking for some great sites that offer the best cashback bonuses? We have shared 5 great Indian websites with amazing and regular cash back bonuses.


At MarvelBet, you get 5% weekly cashback on sports, live casinos, table games, slot games, and lotteries. Not only this, they also offer 0.9% cash rebate on live casino, 0.9% cash rebate on lottery, and 1.2% cash rebate on slots.


We are delighted to bring Crickex’s weekly cash back program to you. Crickex features a 5% weekly cashback bonus where gamblers get a chance to win an amount worth up to 50,000 INR every Monday.


JeetWin features a Masti Monday cashback bonus where how much you’ve bet in a week defines your cashback value. You get 1.5-10% weekly cashback.


BetVisa is also the best in terms of giving regular cashbacks to the bettors. They give 6% cashback to players every week.


ICCWIN presents to you an amazing 5% weekly cashback bonus that’s too hard to resist for gamblers. They are super active with coming up with exciting bonuses regularly.