Lucky Draw

Lucky Draw Bonus

Do you want to feel lucky-lucky by trying your hands on a lucky draw bonus? Have you ever dreamt of winning a lucky draw but that dream didn’t come true ever? If your answer to both of these questions were yes, this post is meant for you!

Lucky draw bonus, the craziest of all bonuses in general life is also being offered at online casinos these days. So, apart from the deposit bonus, no-deposit bonus, referral bonus, and other bonuses, you now have one more reason to feel motivated and get more rewards in your long-term betting journey.

It’s no secret that a bonus makes you feel enthusiastic and inspires you to do better. After all, each one of us would feel happy after receiving rewards or bonuses. Lucky draw bonus is a great deal if you don’t want to get trapped in any grind.

What Is A Lucky Draw Bonus?

A lucky draw bonus is a bonus that most good casino sites offer. It’s a bonus where the gambler gets a chance to try their luck on a big reward. Most casino sites offer weekly lucky draw bonuses to punters.

In this bonus, the players get the chance to see if their lady luck is on their side. And if they can get their hands on a big win. Lucky draw bonuses mostly have great prizes for players. Some sites give the players an opportunity to win the latest iPhone in lucky draw programs.

Not only this, some sites even offer some VIP bonuses for players. You can also find bonuses where you get the chance to try your luck on a wheel of fortune. While these two bonuses are a little different from lucky draw bonuses, they somehow resemble. So, if luck-dependent bonuses are what excites you, you can definitely give a try to these as well.

How Does A Lucky Draw Bonus Work? 

Lucky draw bonus was created for gamblers who grew up playing lucky draws at their nearby locations. Because mostly in India, lucky draws are very famous. And people have seen their parents indulging in lucky draw committees. Thus, they also love doing the same when they grow up.

In a lucky draw bonus, you have to just give a chance to your luck and see if you turn out to be lucky at that moment.

To claim a lucky draw bonus:

  • Log in to your betting account at a casino site.
  • Most sites offer the promotion of a lucky draw bonus at the home page itself. Click on that or go to the bonus and promotions section if you couldn’t find it.
  • Simply move forward by clicking on the bonus and completing all the necessary steps.
  • And, based on your fortune, you’ll get the result. Hopefully, you’ll win a great reward!

Top Sites With The Best Lucky Draw Bonuses

A few sites always remain on the top when it comes to the best bonuses. We evaluate a site based on the fact if it’s Indian, safe, convenient, and rewarding.


Crickex offers you a dramatic chance to win an iPhone for free. How cool is that! You just have to create an account on the site, deposit some amount, and claim the bonus!


Get free credits with JeetWin through their VIP lucky draw program. At JeetWin, you get an exciting opportunity to win exciting cash prizes and some latest mobile phones.


MarvelBet is providing weekly lucky draw to all players. They will announce weekly lucky draw winners on their social media platforms. Its very good promotion to all the players. High chances to get this promotion.