Rebate Bonus

Rebate Bonus

Do you love getting discounts? If you are one of those people who always stands in the row when it comes to getting offs on purchases, casinos have got something special for you.

We all love saving money, and there’s no harm doing that. Most of us always keep our eyes on sales and look for ways to save a few pennies no matter what type of purchase it is. If you could resonate with the above few words, you’re going to love this post!

Lucky for you, online casinos offer regular rebate bonuses to gamblers. Meaning you get sales or discounts on casino games. Not only this, the rebates are of different kinds and apply on multiple games.

What Is A Rebate Bonus?

A rebate bonus is a reward or promotion that casino sites offer to the players to motivate and award them. A rebate bonus can be referred to as a discount on your bets. Or, it can be the money that the casino promises to return you out of your stakes value after you’re done with your bets.

To get  clear understanding of the rebate bonus, let’s take an example. You would have surely bought a few things during sales or on discount. A good example of rebates would be a 20% off on a laptop during any sale.

Similar to that, casino sites offer rebate bonuses on a handful of games such as fish games, slot games, live casinos, and more.

Different Types Of Rebate Bonuses

Unlike a few other bonuses that are restricted to be applied on a few games only, rebate bonuses are specialized for a bunch of online games.

The most popular cash rebate bonuses are:

1.    Cash rebates on slots games

Cash rebates on slot games are among the most popular bonuses. In this rebate, you get a discount on the bets placed on slot games.

1.    Cash rebates on live casinos

Considering the huge demand of live casinos and the fun you get there, cash rebates on live casinos are the most profitable bonuses.

1.    Cash rebates on fish shooting

For gamblers, who love betting on fish shooting, cash rebates on fish games comes to the rescue! They can claim this bonus to get an additional off percentage on the bets.

1.    Cash rebates on sports

India is home to die-hard sports betting fans. If you’re also one of them, make sure you leverage cash rebates on sports to the fullest! This way you can get a certain percentage of your stakes back in your pocket!

Best Sites That Offers Rebate Bonus

Looking for some amazing destinations to claim the best-in-market rebate bonuses? We’ve got you all covered below!


MarvelBet is a one-stop destination for gamblers who love placing bets on sports, sports exchanges, casinos, and table games. You get amazing rebate bonuses on the site including the most famous 1.2% cash rebate on slots.


Have you ever thought that you could get a daily rebate at an online casino? Sounds exciting, isn’t it? That’s what you get at JeetWin. The site gives you a daily 1.2% cash rebate bonus on fish shooting, slot games and many more.


BetVisa has the most amazing range of rebate bonuses players can claim today. They offer 1.2% cash rebate on live casinos, 1.2% cash rebate on fish games, 1.2% cash rebate on slots and 1.2% cash rebate on sports. Their range is too hard to resist trying!


ICCWIN is known among the most sought-after betting sites in India. Indian bettors love this site for the reason it provides such amazing opportunities to earn money. They have rebate bonuses like 1.2% cash rebate on slots, etc.