Cash-Out In Cricket Betting

Cricket is one of the popular sports all over the world. Moreover, people also love cricket betting so much. Cricket betting has a huge market. Furthermore every year lots of punters bet on cricket. However, there are various terms in cricket betting that are essential to know. Cash-out is one of the terms that you should know if you are betting on cricket. 

Have you remembered your childhood when you used to play with snakes and ladders? What do you do when you have eaten up by the sneak and your opponent is on 99. Usually, as a child, we say this is not fair or just turn the board in a fit of anger. The same is the case with cricket betting. Let’s suppose you have put a bet on two teams. However, your one team is winning but another team is losing or about to lose. Don’t you think it’s better to have a choice to just pick one which is winning and leave? This situation in cricket betting is termed cash out. Let’s understand in depth what is the meaning of cash out in cricket betting.

What is Cash Out 

This feature is relatively new to the Indian betting market. However, there are so many sites that are offering cash-out features to the punters. Cash-out in betting means you can cash out earlier in a bet at lower odds with a lower reward. This will be used in a situation where you don’t want to be in a bet for a long time or if you are getting the result of the game will not be in your favor. 

Cashout Benefits

The obvious benefit of the cash-out feature in betting is you will win at least some amount instead of losing all. However, this varies from sport to sport, and having a strong knowledge of the game is essential. 

Let’s suppose you have bet on your favorite team in IPL but the team didn’t perform well in the first innings and now you know that they won’t have a good bowling attack. So instead of losing the whole bet, you can cash out and win some money. 

How to calculate Cash Out 

The cash-out would be calculated by considering the potential winning of an initial bet and comparing it against the current odds that you would be offered if you place the same bet right now. 

Cash Out = Potential Winnings/ Current Odds

Let’s suppose you have placed an initial bet of INR 200 to beat England at 4.0 however India played a great inning which puts their winning odds at 2.0. By using the above calculation you would get.

200/2.0 = 100

However, bookies usually try to alter the offer and you might get less. 

Cash Out Tips 

This concept seems simple. However, there are some tips that you have to follow to get the best amount while cashing out bets.

Try To Avoid Cash Out 

In the long term, cashing out is not good. However, this will help the bookies to make more money. Moreover, they will take a cut on your initial bet and then will take on your cash out. This is why you should try to avoid using cash out often. Moreover, you shouldn’t make it your habit in betting.  Make your strategy properly by analyzing all the conditions so that there is no need to cash out. 

Partial Cash Out 

Some cricket betting sites in India are offering partial cash out. In this type of cash-out, you can choose to cash out a fraction of your bet and leave the remaining portion for the ride. You will get the money in percentage that the bookie will decide. 

With this, you can get some money before the end of the match and still have some money for the result of the match. If you lose you will have some money or if the result comes in your favor you will win some amount from your remaining money. 

Timing Matters 

While betting on cricket, timing matters a lot. You have to wait and watch for the perfect timing for cash out. Moreover, you have to watch the game and also follow the cash-out offer that your bookie is offering. Timing is the key in betting. 


Cash-out is the best way to earn some money if the game is not going on in your favor. However, frequent cash out is not good because it will bookie more than you. 

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