A Complete Guide To Sports Betting In India

Even a newbie can turn into a professional and win high payouts if given the right knowledge. Here A Complete Guide To Sports Betting In India.

The birth of online sports betting has altered the way sports lovers used to show their love for their favorite sports. Many players now prefer supporting their favorite sports teams or players by placing bets on them online. 

For the reason that sports betting can be fun and profitable at the same time, it’s worth giving it a try. 

If you also want to join the tribe, our complete guide to sports betting is all you need to read! 

The Legality Of Sports Betting In India- Guide To Sports Betting

While planning to try sports betting, every player gets this doubt; if sports betting is legal in India. 

In simplest words, there are no established laws in India that bans sports betting. Players are free to use any international site of their choice to bet on their favorite sports. 

It’s completely safe to place your stakes on any sports of your choice. No law in India stops you from that. Even lakhs of punters are the same as you bet on sports on a daily basis. 

But, players should keep in mind that they must use a licensed and renowned website for sports betting. 

What Are The Most Popular Sports In India? 

Today, a staggering 40% of internet users cherish the act of gambling. Keeping these stats in mind, we can infer that sports betting is being loved so much. 

But, what are some sports that most gamblers love betting on? 

Cricket, the most popular sport when it comes to betting in India. And betting sites know this. That’s why you’ll find most sites focused on events around cricket. It includes the world’s biggest tournament, Indian Premier League as well. Indian gamblers love betting on overseas cricket tournaments and events. 

And most sites that specialise in cricket betting extends some of the best in market bonuses and promos for gamblers. 

Soccer is also quite famous for betting in India. Indians love placing stakes on several European events such as EPL, La Liga, etc. These are just a few of the most famous soccer events. For the same reason, you’ll find most sportsbooks offering some exclusive deals and rewards on these special events. 

Apart from that, sports such as football, tennis, basketball, etc are also chosen by Indian gamblers to place bets.  

10 Best Sites To Bet On Your Favorite Sports- Guide To Sports Betting 

If you want to have a seamless and satisfying sports betting experience, you must get started with a credible betting site. 

  1. JeetWin: Best overall for sports betting 
  1. Crickex- Specialize in cricket betting
  1. Fun88- Best promos and rewards
  1. BetWay- Excellent range of sports betting options 
  1. Parimatch- Great betting odds and variety

To get started with any of the above-mentioned sites, simply register on the site, deposit an amount, and start betting on your favorite sports. 

Sports Betting Tips 

To gain long-term success in sports betting, players need to keep a few things in their mind. They must know what are the skills that can help them win and the pitfalls to avoid. 

  1. Setting Unrealistic Expectations

Players often expect short-term gains from betting even if they’re new in the market. While, what they should do is get familiar with the basics, take some time to master the game, and apply some strategies to win. 

  1. Bankroll Management

Bankroll management is the most vital skill to learn if you want to win high payouts with sports betting. Arm yourself with knowledge on how, when, and what to wager, and when to stop. 

  1. Chasing Lose

If you lose, let it go! Don’t run after your losses and try to recover them with intense betting. Don’t go blind after you score some losses. Instead, take a break and relax! 

  1. Playing Just For Fun 

If you want to play for fun solely, make sure you’re not betting too much of your money. Otherwise, you’ll end up digging a debt hole for yourself. 

  1. Drinking While Betting

While betting, always avoid intaking alcohol. It’s the easiest way to be homeless. When you drink while wagering, you lose your consciousness and end up betting recklessly. 

  1. Say No To Betting On Random Sports

One of the silliest mistakes players make is betting on sports they don’t know about. This is the worst you can do to your funds. Always make sure to bet on sports you’re aware about, at least the basics and the technicalities. 

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