What You Need to Know About Cricket Betting in India

There is no doubt that cricket is one of the best sports to play and betting also. Moreover, cricket has one of the biggest betting markets legally and illegally. Furthermore, it might look like a physical game but it is also a mental game. You need to apply so many tactics and use skills to win this game. The same case is with cricket betting also. However, in the last few there is a rise in online cricket betting sites. Punters are preferring to bet online than offline. Hence it is important to know all about cricket online betting in India. There are so many sites on the internet and it is not easy to select the best one. 

Moreover, every site is offering welcome bonuses and promotions to new punters. In this blog, we are discussing all online cricket betting in India. 

Payout Calculation 

As there are so many sites on the internet every site is offering a different payout. This is why it needs planning and analysis to select the site with a high payout. However, the basis of payout of all the sites is the same. The method of calculation of payout is as follows. 

Payout= Wager * Betting Chances 

Let’s suppose the match is between India and South Africa. Then below three probabilities, the odds will be calculated. 

  • India wins
  • South Africa wins 
  • Match tie 

The betters can bet depending on the odds and probabilities of the match however their payout will be calculated at the end of the match. 


As mentioned earlier there are so many sites on the internet. However, it is not easy to select the best one. Hence you have to research to select the best site. Go through top sites and analyze the bonus and credits of these sites. Moreover, also check the credibility of the site and payouts. Along with this also check all the payment options. Only choose that site that has convenient payment options. Moreover, so many sites also offer cricket news that will be helpful for you in betting. By analyzing all the aspects you must choose the site for online cricket betting. It is essential for you to know which site is the best for you in India. 

Bonus and promotions 

Every site offers some kind of welcome bonus to attract the punters. However, you must choose a site that offers a higher welcome bonus. Moreover, bonuses and promotions also play an important role in online betting. With the help of this, you can play for a long time. Even if someday you lost all your money you dont have to start from zero. 

Payment modes 

Most cricket betting sites are offering a wide range of payment options. From Paypal to credit, debit, and UPI. You will get all the options on these betting sites. Still, it is better to confirm the payment options. Also, check the payment mode that you use and whether it is there or not. Along with this, you must check the credibility, security, and reliability of the payment options. 

Customer support 

While betting online you might have to face some issues. This is why having 24 hours of customer support is essential. You must choose a site that has extensive customer support and is ready to resolve your issue at any time. Moreover, some sites do not provide 24 hours customer support. However, there is a high risk in betting and sometimes you might not get your payment on time. This is why having customer support is essential. So that you can at least tell the issue that you are facing with the site. 


Cricket online betting in India already has a huge market. Moreover, cricket betting in India is one of the biggest markets in the world. In the last few years, there has been a rise in online betting. Moreover, this system is new to offline punters. Still, so many punters have adopted this new mode of betting. Hence punters are earning a huge amount of money with online cricket betting. 

If you are new to the online betting world then it is essential for you to know some aspects of online betting. However, we have mentioned all the things that you should know about online betting. Furthermore, in India people are so passionate about cricket and cricket betting. This is why they can easily adapt to the new mode of betting. You can earn so much money with online cricket betting. 

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