Cricket Betting Is Getting More And More Popular In India

Cricket has grown to be a well recognised sport for the majority of Indians. For Indians, cricket is not just a game, but they also treat it as their religion.They gather time to watch their favourite cricket stars like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Ms Dhoni. Different generations have different heroes from cricket. But the love for cricket has always been high among indians. Now a days cricket betting is more popular in India.

This also has given another side of cricket. As cricket betting is getting more and more popular in India with high popularity of cricket.But what can be the reasons for rising popularity of cricket betting?Well! There are different factors that can be the reasons for cricket betting popularity.

So, let’s see some important factors that contribute to cricket betting becoming more popular in India. Here we go!

Cricket is  the most popular sport in India

It is a universal truth that cricket is the most popular sport in India. The answer remains in the statement itself. If people have to bet in anything, then where will they bet? One sport which they know properly or one about which they have no Idea.It makes clear sense that they would bet on cricket.It is another way of showing their faith to their favourite players they love the most.At the end, they understand they game and know almost every cricket event and popular players. When they watch the sport, they enjoy and wait to see the result of their betting. Betters in India make cricket betting more popular with their craze for the game.

Easy Money

Some betters in India have earned a good sum by betting on cricket. They attract other people to earn money from betting. As it is easy money for people. They just need to bet on the game they know and love . Earning money from betting is all about making the right predictions. When the predictions they make go correct, they earn money. People who watch them regularly try their luck by making predictions in the game they love the most. Betters know which players are good and who can perform well. So, it is easy money for them by making predictions they think can happen.When they go correct, they earn good money from it. And it doesn’t take much effort to bet on cricket.Thus, they earn easy money from the game along with enjoying the sport, making betting on cricket more popular in India.

Easily accessible information in cricket

Cricket being the most popular sport in India, they know a lot and can learn a lot for easy accessibility of information. They can learn from online, different books and magazines etc. As they have to make predictions for the game they will bet on. There are many serious betters in India who want to bet with proper knowledge.They find it easy to get the information they want related to cricket. For instance, if they want to know a player’s last ten performances, they can get to know from doing a simple google search. Also, people in India love to have hardcore discussion related to cricket in different tea shops. They just get easy availability of different information about cricket by having a proper cricket environment. When the people around them are big cricket lovers, betters just need to bet by making their predictions with having required information.

Less risky to bet on cricket

As discussed in the above points, people in India know more about cricket than any other sports be it football, basketball etc. 

When they have to bet on anything, they need to learn about it. Cricket being the most popular sport just encourages betters to try their luck in a sport where they have good ideas about it.If they think of betting in sport, cricket comes to their mind the most.So, it is less risky for betters to bet on cricket rather than any other sport.

Good facilities

Facilities for betting on cricket are very good in India. Betters don’t have to struggle to find a place where betting takes place. Bookies know the love of Indians for the sport, and they ensure that those who want to bet can bet easily. Bookies have got online booking websites, apps to avail betting facilities.There are tons of options available online which work on a mobile phone. Betters can easily know which apps fellow betters are using which are safe to use. When so many things go favourable for betting, it says why cricket betting is getting more popular day by day.


In summary, cricket is the most popular sport in India.Betters know the game properly. If they have to bet on a game they would always think about cricket.It is a game they are very connected with. That’s why cricket betting is getting more and more popular in India.

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