Is cricket betting popular in India?

There is no doubt that India has one of the biggest cricket betting markets. Moreover, cricket is not a native game of India but no country can match the craze of cricket like Indians. However, with the accessibility of the internet and the rise of online betting sites, the number of cricket betters has been increasing day by day. According to data in 2021 around 370 million Indians placed bets in T20 series like IPL. Moreover, this number is enough to showcase the popularity of cricket betting in India. 

Furthermore in the last few years payment has also turned online. Now punters can directly take money into their bank accounts and UPI which is why more people are getting into cricket betting. Moreover, there are 140 million people in India who bet regularly and in the time of IPL, this number goes up to 370 million. Indeed offline betting has been prevalent for years but online betting has also gained space in the Indian market. However online betting is growing at a rapid pace of 20% per year. 

Cricket betting is so much popular in India and over time it is increasing. With online betting youth in the cities are also getting into cricket betting and earning a good amount of money. 

Reasons behind the popularity of cricket in India 

We have seen that cricket is one of the most popular sports in India and betting too. No doubt that betting on other sports is also prevalent in India and there is a huge crowd who bet on other games. But still, a large chunk of the crowd bet on cricket. And below are the reasons mentioned for the popularity of cricket betting in India. 

  1. Several Leagues 

There are so many factors that work behind the popularity of cricket betting in India. And one of the major factors in a number of leagues. Not just in India but all over the world cricket has so much fan following which is why there are so many leagues. However number of leagues helps the punters to bet on the game. Moreover, IPL is one of the major leagues for the punters to bet on. Apart from IPL, there are other bilateral series and tours available in which punter bets and earn money. This is the reason why it is popular in India. 

  1. Popularity of Sport 

People bet on the popular sport. And in India cricket is one of the most popular games. Although cricket is not originated in India and it is an outsider’s game but still no one can match the craze of cricket like Indians. Due to the huge popularity of the game of cricket betting on cricket is prevalent in India. Furthermore not just in big cities but even the last person in any village loves cricket. 

  1. Low risk

There is a risk in betting. Moreover, if you are betting without knowledge of the sport then you will definitely be risking your money. But with this betting, this is not the case. In India, every person has some knowledge about cricket which is why a person with the least knowledge of cricket also bets on the game. Moreover, having knowledge about the game reduces the risk of betting. 

  1. Abundance information available 

Any punter or any person will only bet on a game if a good amount of information is available about that game. Moreover, access to information also plays an essential part. There is a huge amount of information available about cricket. This is why it is easy for the punters to bet on the game. 

  1. Safety 

Even though sports betting is not legal in India, betting is prevalent in India. Moreover betting in cricket is safe for punters. Punters do not face any major issues for betting on cricket in India. However, there are so many online betting sites running in India. With online betting sites, people are also getting the fast payment that too in a secured manner. Furthermore, with the rise of online betting, the craze for cricket betting is increasing day by day in India. 

Wrapping up 

Cricket and cricket betting are very popular in India. Moreover, you will get to see fans of cricket and cricket betting on every nook and corner of India. Moreover with the rise of online betting sites and accessibility of the Internet the market size of cricket betting has grown up at a rapid pace. Online punters can easily bet on any game and get money directly into their bank accounts. 

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