Why People Always Like Cricket Exchange Bets Compared to Normal Sportsbooks?

Cricket exchange bet compared to a normal sportsbook? Are you also wondering why there’s so much hype about cricket exchange? Well, if your answer is yes, get ready to discover the truth in this blog! 

Today, we shed the light on why cricket exchange is so beloved to players. And why are players making a switch from traditional sportsbooks! 

But, before that, let’s quickly take a look at what cricket exchange is. 

What Is Cricket Exchange?

Cricket exchange is a newly introduced concept that was born in the early 2010s. In cricket exchange, instead of betting against a bookmaker, you bet against other players. So, rather than playing with a system, you play with real people. The platform or betting exchanges that enables you to do so takes a small commission from the winnings only. 

What’s more, betting exchanges allow the players to place their bets on the likelihood as well as non-likelihood of any certain outcome. Unlike traditional betting, where you were restricted to place your bets only on an event that you feel can happen! 

In cricket exchange, if you feel RCB will not win, you can place your stakes on that as well. It’s called laying a bet. 

Why Do Players Love Cricket Exchange Bet Compared To Normal Sportsbooks? 

The arrival of betting exchanges left a positive impact on the way gamblers used to bet on cricket. After all, betting exchanges come with multiple advantages over traditional sportsbooks. 

Bet On Unlikelihood Of An Event

Back and lay bets are one of the most notable features of sports exchanges. It can be referred to as the speciality of betting exchanges. In a normal sportsbook, players get restricted or limited options to place their stakes. 

If they feel something can happen, they can only bet on the probability of that outcome. For instance, if you believe CSK will win this season in cricket betting, you are free to bet on this event. 

However, in cricket exchanges, betting options are pretty flexible as compared to normal sportsbooks. 

Players can bet both in favor of probability of an outcome to happen and non-happening as well. These bets are denoted by signature Back and Lay bets. If the player wants to bet in support of the likelihood of an event, he can Back a bet. 

On the other hand, if the player hopes that an event will not happen, he can place his stakes on that too. That’s called Laying a bet.

More Fair Than Normal Sportsbooks

It’s reported or seen many times in the history of online betting, that sportsbooks may restrict a good player from playing. To be more precise, at times, normal sportsbooks ban the account of players who play well. 

It’s no other than getting punished for being good at betting and winning. And to our surprise, this activity is done very often. It means if you’ve become a pro at realising and guessing the right bet and wins too often, the sportsbook may restrict or block your account. This way, both the hard-earned money and the success of the gambler may go in vain, which is truly upsetting.

Another reason for getting your account blocked by a sportsbook can be multiple bets or wagering on all possibilities. The sportsbook bans the player’s account and restricts them from playing further. This action can be very heartbreaking for professional players. 

On the other hand, betting exchanges would never ban your account no matter what. At betting exchanges, they will never stop you from being successful. It makes them a credible space for online gambling for professional players. 

Reasonable Odds

In traditional sportsbooks, the operator used to set the odds as they wished. And you, as a player, were restricted not to take any action. 

At times, you might find the odds to be unreasonable according to the event going on. But, you can’t do anything about it. All you can, is just place your bets and pray to heaven to help you win. 

Betting exchanges gives you the freedom to set odds on your own. You’re responsible for setting the odds for the other players as well. 

That’s why betting exchanges feel more authentic and credible to gamblers. 


Betting exchanges are no wonder more advantageous than classic sportsbooks. They are way more flexible than the old-school sportsbooks. If the above perks were captivating enough for you to make a switch to betting exchanges, go ahead! 

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