Every Betting Exchange Site & App In India

We all know that cricket is a very popular sport in India and cricket betting also. However, one cannot separate these two things from each other. Moreover, India has a huge betting market and so many people are earning a huge amount of money out of it. In the last few we have seen a tremendous rise in online betting sites. Moreover, due to this so many new punters are getting into the market. Online betting sites have gained so much popularity in India in very little time. Furthermore, along with online betting sites there so many betting exchange sites and apps are also prevalent in India. However, these exchange sites and apps are slightly different.

Using this app one can place bets with another punter without intervening bookmaker. This means that they are their own bookmakers. Moreover, along with this, punters will also get so much information about matches on these exchange apps. From live scores to the upcoming matches and odds in matches, one will get in-depth information which is helpful in cricket betting. 

However, there are so many exchange websites and apps on the internet. We have listed some best exchange apps or websites that one can use. 

Betting Exchange Sites in India 

  • Marvel Bet

Marvel Bet is one of the best betting exchange sites in India. Moreover, this site does not want to be a jack of all trades.  Instead, this site always focuses on its core which is betting exchange. Furthermore, it has an easy-to-use interface and design which makes it so accessible. You can also place a bet on this exchange but you have to pay a commission for the same. Get on this site and you will get the best experience. 

  • Crickex 

Crickex is also one of the popular sites and this site also has its reputation in the market. Once you will land on this site you will get to see its attractive home page loaded with all the information that you need. Moreover, you will get updates very fast about upcoming matches. This site also has a huge number of users and you can place bets against other punters by using this betting exchange. 

  • Bet Win

Bet Win is a top-notch alternative for betting exchange. Moreover, it is the best for casual betters. Furthermore, it has a decent market coverage and you will have the best experience while using this platform. Also, this is one of the most reputable and user-friendly betting exchanges in India. Get on this site and you will get the valuable tips that you are looking for. 

  • ICC Win 

Last but not least. However, this betting exchange holds so much potential and you will get never before experience on this platform. Moreover, it is so easy to use and it also comes with a smooth interface. If you are new to gambling then you can get on this platform you will have the best time. If you are an experienced punter then you should go for the rest of the options. 

Why Betting Exchange Sites 

Now the question arises is why to get on betting exchange sites instead of conventional bookmakers. Let’s suppose you are placing a bet on India’s one of the best betting sites. However, on this betting site, you can place a bet only on the outcome. This means that if there is a match between India and Afghanistan then you can bet on Afghanistan to win against India. But you cannot bet on Afghanistan to not win against India. But this feature you will get in betting exchange. Conventional betting sites do not provide this feature. Indeed, you can wager on India to win against Afghanistan but then there will be a massive drop in odds as we all know India is a stronger team than Afghanistan. 

However, this is why cricket betting exchanges are important. On this, you can also bet on the outcome not happening. 

Wrapping Up 

There are so many betting exchange sites on the internet. Moreover, all sites have different commission rates to allow you to place bets against punters. We have listed some best betting exchange platforms in India where you will get the best experience. India has a huge betting market and so many people are earning a good amount of money. If you also want to get into it then get on these betting exchange sites you will have the best experience. 

Best Betting sites in India

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