How To Earn Money From Cricket Betting in India

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in India. Moreover, cricket betting is also a widespread practice in India. A large section of India makes a huge amount of money from cricket betting. Furthermore, in the last few years, there is a rise in online betting sites. Earlier punters used to bet offline. However nowadays online betting has flourished a good amount. The reason behind this is the internet connection and various payment methods. With online betting, punters can directly get their winning amount in their bank account. Moreover, there is no fear of being caught by the police for betting. With online cricket betting, you can earn a huge amount of money. So many punters bet full-time and earn money. We have listed some tips below that you should follow to earn money from cricket betting. 

Tips to Earn Money From Cricket Betting in India 

Betting is not only about luck. However, there are so many factors that work. You need to have good knowledge about the game and have to make strategies to win the bet. 

  1. Go for Value 

The outcome of the bet will be dependent on the value of the odds. Moreover while looking at the odds compare them with your overall understanding of the team’s position and performance. Furthermore, if you want to earn money from cricket betting you have to choose a sportsbook with the best offer. The amount of money depends on the odds. If you wager on higher odds you will win more money and if you wager on low odds you will win a small amount of money. 

  1. Analyze the statistics

Analysis of statistics is very important in cricket betting. By just betting on big names you will not win money. Moreover, the performance of the team also matters. For instance, in one season Delhi Capitals performed so well, and all the players were in form. This means that they will start this season with good performance and chances are higher that they will make it to the finals. Eventually, they did. This is why it is essential to analyze the statistics and performances of teams instead of betting on big names. 

  1. Go through Pitch Report

The condition of the pitch heavily influences the outcome of the match. Some pitches favor the bowling format. Like some pitches are damp which means this pitch is favorable for spin bowlers. So the team which has a better spin attack will have a higher chance to win the match. However, before getting into cricket betting it is essential to understand the pitches. So that you can make your strategies accordingly. 

  1. Understand the cricket betting formats

While betting in cricket it is important to know the formats of cricket betting. However, there are 4 types of cricket betting formats that you can use to earn money. 

  • Basic Bets: There is nothing unique in this type of bet as we are all familiar with this. However, it includes the Winner of the Match, Winner of the series, Winner of the Tournament or Match tied. 
  • Team-Based Bets 

There are two teams in cricket betting. Moreover, the gambling options in this type of bet are the total score of the team, the winner of the toss, team innings total, team 6s, team 4s, etc. 

  • Player Based Bets 

In one team there are 11 players. However, there are 22 total players on the ground. Moreover, this is the most prevalent gambling option among punters. The gambling options in this type of bet are the best bowler, a man of the match, best batsman, and most catches, who will score half-century and century, etc. 

  • Live Game Bets 

For some punters, this type of bet is the most exciting one. However, in this type of bet gamblers can bet on runs on the next ball, the outcome of the next ball, etc. Moreover, you can’t even take your eyes off the game even for a second. 

Wrapping Up 

Indeed there is a risk in cricket betting in India. Having a to-the-point strategy will help you a lot. There is no doubt that you can make a huge amount of money from cricket betting in India. 

The Indian betting market is one of the biggest markets in the world. Moreover, there are so many online sites also through which you can earn money. Follow all the tips mentioned above to make your strategy. With these tips for cricket betting, you can earn money. 

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