ICC Launches Cricket World Cup Trophy Tour In Spectacular Fashion

The trophy tour will begin on June 27 in India, it will travel around the globe. And then it will return to the host nation. The ICC Men’s ODI world cup trophy Tour 2023 has been launch on a stratospheric scale. Giving fans around the World Cup Trophy a unique opportunity. To interact with the coveted trophy ahead of the marquee event in India. 

The tour has launch spectacularly, with the trophy being launch into the stratosphere. 120,000 feet , earth before making a stunning landing at the narendra modi cricket stadium in ahmedabad. It achieved the trophy that attach to a bespoke stratospheric balloon. And some stunning shots capture of the trophy sitting on the edge of Earth’s atmosphere from different Cameras. The trophy starting on june 27 and it will end at Ahmedabad.The 2023 editions of the trophy tour will be the biggest by fan. Giving the fans a chance to connect with the coveted piece of iconic silverware meet heads. In various countries and cities around the globe. 

Starting on June 27, ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Trophy will travel to 18 countries around the world. That will include Kuwait, Bahrain, Malaysia, USA, Nigeria, Uganda, France, the United States of America, and then host country India. It will move around kuwait bahrain malaysia usa as well. 

Trophy Tour

Through innovative activation and events in different countries. The trophy tour will provide a chance for one million fans. To have their interact with the piece of silverware. The ICC men’s cricket world cup trophy tour is an important milestone community initiatives and support. In the countdown to what will be the biggest ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup ever. A lot of people are waiting for the cricket world cup trophy. 

This tour will see the iconic silverware that meet heads of state, launch community initiatives. And support cricket development programs in addition to visiting some of the most iconic landmarks around the globe. People of usa nigeria uganda france can see the trophy as well. chief executive geoff allardice says it is a good measure taken to bring people together. As per biggest icc men it will be surely grand though. 

“This tour that will see the cricket has more than one billion fans. And then we want to give many people as possible. The opportunity to get close to the famous trophy that has been a lot by the greatest legend of cricket sport”. In nigeria uganda france italy the people will be able to see the trophy closely. A lot of support cricket development programmes are working though that will help people. It will help states launch community initiatives and have a working community though.

BCCI Secretary Jay Shah adds, “ Cricket unites India like no other sport, and excitement that is building across the country as we prepare for hosting 10 best teams in the world over more than 6 weeks of heart-stopping cricket.” “As we countdown to the world cup. The trophy tour is a fantastic chance for fans to be part of the event wherever they are present. After some days then the people of malaysia usa nigeria uganda will witness the trophy. The tour will travel extensively across India and seek for inspiring communities to share the excitement of cricket’s greatest spectacle. While providing an opportunity to showcase iconic venues, cities, and landmarks throughout the country. 

Stratospheric balloon 

After the trophy was attach to a stratospheric balloon and some stunning shots were capture of the trophy. Sitting on the edge of the earth’s atmosphere from a  camera. In this edition of 2023, the trophy tour will be the biggest by giving fans a chance to connect. With the coveted piece of silverware in various countries and cities around the globe. The first full-scale trophy tour since 2019, the 2023 edition will provide cricket fans. Thus, around the globe with a chance to recreate the celebratory. And carnival atmosphere witnessed during this marquee event. 

The trophy later will land on the ground at Narendra Modi Stadium Ahmedabad, which is likely to host the finals. Thus,the decorated trophy went 120000 feet above the earth before landing in the ground. It made possible for the trophy that is made with a stratospheric balloon. As per bcci secretary jay shah added cricket unites india like no other sport. The ICC Men’s Cricket Cup is made for the iconic silverware. That meets most heads of state and launches community initiatives to support the cricket development program. 

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