10 Best Sports Betting Strategies

Want to become a long-term winner with the help of some sports betting strategies? You’ve landed in the right place! 

If you’re wondering how some bettors consistently win in sports betting, then you’re about to discover the truth. The only thing on this planet that can help you increase your wins in sports betting is by using some strategies. 

What makes sports betting so beloved to Indian players is that it enables you to win in the long haul. 

If you want to make long-term profits with gambling, sports betting is one of the best options available for you! 

On this page, you’ll find 10 best sports betting strategies professional bettors use. 

The 1-3-2-6 System

The 1-3-2-6 system is a famous and easy progressive sports betting strategy where you increase your stakes after you win. Plus, you also add a specific amount after a certain point of time. 

For this, you have to set a budget and place stakes worth 2-5% of your total budget. If you win, you plan your bets as per the sequence 1-3-2-6. When you first win, you increase your stakes to 30$, then 20$, and then 60$. And we’ve completed one round. Upon losing, the session ends. 

The Fibonacci Betting System

The Fibonacci betting system is quite popular among bettors. Simply put, in this sports betting strategy, you place your stakes on a tie. If you lose, you have to again bet on a tie and keep doing it. Meanwhile, you also increase your bet sizes. 

But, there’s an important condition attached. To profitably bet using this strategy, the odds of the game or sports should be at least 2.62. 

Money Race

The most exciting sports betting strategy is Money Race. Here, the amount you win in any bet needs to be invested immediately in the very next stake. And this process keeps going on until you get a good sum in your hands. 

However, the Money Race also involves the risk of losing it all. So, make sure to do some research! 

The Kelly Formula

The Kelly formula helps you identify how much to wager on a bet. It works this way- you pick up an event or game and mark its winning probability with any number. 

Now, you’ll look for odds for this game or event. Just put the value in the Kelly’s Formula and you’ll get the answer. 

Value Calculation = (Probability*Odds)-1 

Best Stake For This Bet= Value/ Odds-1) % of your bankroll

Early Cashout In Sports Betting

The early cash out sports betting strategy is perfect for players who place bets recklessly and then wish to go back in time to withdraw it. 

The early cashout features allow you to either gain some profit or at least get your invested money back. You don’t have to wait till you hit a great milestone to withdraw. 

Dutching In Sports Betting

Dutching is an absolute favorite sports betting strategy because it somewhat guarantees you profit. In this strategy, you bet on more than one outcome. However, the lesser bets you place, the better. 

For dutching, you either need strong instincts or some evidence to support your actions. 

Bet On A Tie

Betting on a tie is the most popular sports betting strategy to walk home with some money. For this to work, you should always try to apply this strategy on games where the competition is tough. 

For sports betting, betting on a tie can be extremely favorable if done right. 

Betting On Live Games 

Thanks to technology, sports bettors can now place their stakes on live games. It’s the best opportunity available today for gamblers. You can bet on any event at the time when it’s actually happening. 

Live betting certainly gives you more freedom than traditional betting ways. 

Specialize In A League

If you want to ace sports betting, it’s extremely important to ensure if you’re not foreign to the game you’re betting on. Let’s admit it, you can’t be the jack of all trades because gathering information about each and every sport isn’t easy. 

That’s why, it’s preferred that you specialize in any certain league and focus on yielding profits from there only. 


Moneyline is the perfect cricket betting strategy for starters. It works for all sports.  In this strategy, you simply identify a winner that has the most chances to win over the other. 

For new bettors, it’s the most go-to option available because you just have to research and find reasons to support one side. And you’re done. 

You can employ any sports betting strategy that seems the best to you and become one of the winning bettors! 

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