WinBDT: 56% Direct Commission & 24 Hours Agent Support

One of Bangladesh’s major sports betting sites is WinBDT, which offers online gaming. We provide a wide variety of sports and betting options on a number of platforms. WinBDT is an industry leader and well-known throughout Bangladesh.

The website has hundreds of SMA registered at this point and is still growing every day. On the internet platform on WinBDT, we provide a comprehensive range of uncertainty on cricket, football, tennis, and a variety of other sports.

How Does WinBDT Work :

WinBDT is a credit-based mobile gaming app and website that provides a wide range of casino games you can bet on. We provide an agent commission structure that is fair. We can help you work with an agent. There are two different kinds of agents: the Super Master Agent(SMA) and the Master Agent (MA). The Super Master Agent details and facilities are described below.

Super Master Agent (SMA) Features:

SMA is this site’s top agent. Both Agent ID and Player ID can be created as downlines by Super Master Agents (SMA). SMA’s downstream agent will be acknowledged as a Master Agent (MA).

To become a Super Master Agent in WinBDT, you must first purchase BDT 8,000.00 in credit as a starter package.

As a downline, Super Master Agents (SMA) will be able to create both Agent ID and Player ID. SMA’s downline agent will be recognized as Master Agent (MA).

SMA will always buy new credit directly from the company and, if necessary, will be able to sell back credit directly to WinBDT under certain rules and regulations.

SMA will always buy WinBDT credits at a 56% discount from the company.

If necessary, SMA will be able to sell credits back to WinBDT. When the Super Master Agent sells credit back to WinBDT, it may have an impact on current or future Ad-Hoc campaign calculations.

SMA will be in charge of paying out withdrawals to his own downline players and will be the only recognized individual to do so. During withdrawal, he will purchase credit from his player for BDT 100.00.

Super Master Agents that are dedicated to their work are always welcome by WinBDT, and bonuses are set up for them. This new reimbursement program is available to all WinBDT Super Master Agents. Extra a monthly payout of up to 25% on the entire month’s net deposit.


The betting market in Bangladesh currently has no better offer than this. begin your own company with us. Reach out to us right now. Join us in our efforts. Earn as much as you want and realize your ambitions. Sign up at WinBDT to participate in risk-free betting. Play thrilling games to receive amazing offers.

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